30/04/2010 23:15

The World are see the Debts Increases and Currencies Devaluations by Budgets Deficits Reserves Loses; to Fix all this problems are needed the Taylor Made State & Private New Financial Products, be come the World Central Banks in a Business Firms Entrepeneurs with the IMF & BIS Credit and Management help.

Here are the U.S. Dollar World Single Coin and Debts & Deficits Discount Drains New Financial Product over Adquisitive Power Economic Standards Raise by Coin Evaluation and Superhabits Win Answer.

The World's Currencies on Gold Support -Back to the Bretton Woods System- with the U.S. Dollar like the World common coin, with Central Banks & FED Reserves offset over IMF & BIS Credit and Financial Profits Management of Short-Middle-Long terms and Commodities Futures Goods and Services Share Wedge Multi Yields and Spreads Open Bonds, on Gold Reserves Market Put how Currencies Futures Evaluation or Bargain Management. Adopt the Nations Local Currencies and U.S. Dollar single coin double circulation, being U.S. Dollar Coin Basquet one value  supported world fixing, serve how all Currencies Futures Dollar index offset on the World's Central Banks with FED, IMF and BIS trouble coins credit swap put support of the perfect index value of currencies futures bet control, and Debt-Deficit discount drains fee by the State & Private Investments on the same share Insurance Open Bonds minimum yields and spreads profits sure safe support.Over the Nominal/Real Rates System, be the Nominal one like the Central Banks Special Bonds Coin Support, Debt & Deficit discount drains Gains on the World Market road show offer, share the superior bargain Real one, like the World's Banks, Offshore Financial Services and Borses Investor high profits operators in Credit Warrant & Financial Management Manager of the IMF & BIS respectively, over the State-Private Central Banks Business Strategy to the USA Debt Default and Dollar Devaluation avoidance by the U.S. Debt ceiling increase with the T30 Bond Warrant Discount and U.S. Dollar Fort Knox Gold Reserves Missing come back to Short-Middle-Long Terms Bonds into Dollar Futures Basquet Fixing support put. Being Dollar & Euro same 1.00 value with the Systemic Import & Export index both Commercial Trade float values to Commodities Negotiations Transactions. Do Quality of Life Standard growth over Adquisitive Power add with Consume rice by Dollar evaluation sense hint of The Fourth Way of Economy Capitalism & Socialism Blends State-Private Strategy Systemic Thinking Marketing & Management Tao Think Tank.