30/04/2010 23:27




Thinking over  Japan’s Floats Cities past project, I’m so glad to recover this right project for the Hi Real State and Constructors business, over the new Japanese floats cities fixed at the sea bottom with a lot of plastic float modules pontoon fee with polyurethane, on a recycle tire rubber streets be come anti-earthquake float ecologic houses cities, to use in a urbans developments with a water plant, drains tube system and power plant by sea dynamic tides dynamo power propellers system. Are my add to the Japan’s Builders Constructions Hi Executives, gain new places to the Nippon society new urban homes development with the actual technology, be a hi honor share my aport with the Nippon Hi honor society was I do respect so, follow the deserve destiny of a high evolutions by as feed back relation brotherhood common objectives, for the good will process of Japan & Argentine honor nations joint efforts leadership.