22/10/2010 15:44

Ladies and Gentlemen's.
I have the pleasure to communicate with you in order to present the new development of Rotative Combustion Engine Rovati. This revolutionary two-stroke engine developed with advanced technology, consists of a cylindrical body containing a rotating basket with folding blades ceramic coated steel arranged like wall diameter circular cylinder shape, with a shift fix panel-shaped "V" at the ready as fixed central radius of the cylinder that forms the combustion chamber as the guidelines laid fold cylinder wall diametral blades, and stop the action of the contest going to be deployed with a return spring provided in point of the blade near the cylinder wall, a concentric fashion to form a combustion chamber with the septum fixed and rotary blade folding and deployed concentrically.


1) Combustion Chamber. 2) Blade. 3) Injector with a Spark Plug.

Which has an injector, spark plug and exhaust valve effect by combustion rotative basket that moves each blade to pass through the combustion chamber wall, a set-coated exterior shielded by a chamber contain mechanical pump and oil radiator cooling the engine and exhaust system based noise reduction on silencers firearms multi-chambered. Generating propulsion rotation transmitted to a central axis rotary engine producing great energy to implement over the aeronaval industry and automobiles. The new two-stroke engine Rovati of simple technology with fewer moving parts compared to conventional engines, high strength,  durability, low consumption, compact size and high ideal for the highly competence sport of motor driving by  great performance and reliability, already are a hi success before industrial production start.

This revolutionary new motor is made with International Patent at my name by the main German partner representatives, that if you are interested in get the permit Royalty Manufacturing, simply contact me at  the next E-mail

Best, Alejandro Rovati.