30/04/2010 23:28




Stock pile of the private gold, silver and platinum product U.S. Dollar T 30 Long Term Open Bond securitized by the precious metals wedge bet Insurance to the U$D floor limit fixing, to the rebounds yields add to metals value with the T 30 Long Term Open Bond warrantee share support, and if the Dollar floor limit will passed insurance will be active maintain the U$D fixing floor limit set over the FED’s money printing avoid, with the money printing quit to the systemic insurance share cash support maintenance.

Think on the FED’s interstraits rice, consider the cost of money to the credit offer minimized by the IMF & WB with the FED privilege rates to the market credit offer to the Banks Sector, in Metals T 30 Securitized Open Bonds of the U$D Insurance mode, with the debt collection swap warrantee to the FED-IMF & WB sure repayments with the TIP option Long Term Metal Securitized T 30 Open Bond U$D Insurance profits share discount, support the U$D by the Long Term Securitized Metals T 30 Open Bond U.S. Dollar Insurance mode,be come a Credit Offer tool to the Dollar business joint Private & State Marketing-Management Strategy of USA Sure Coin Support.






Since the current world geopolitical situation was require do the Op. Metal Bill to the U.S. Dollar Private & State Financial Support and the Op. Barbecue for the 12/15/09.

With the U.S. Supreme Court & FBI to the NWO prosecution and punish Black Mail, also with the CIA Buggs tricks over the NSA logistics of probes all coordinated by the DNI, with the lucky excellence management knowledge honor duty sense over all world same fight Justice accomplishment support, can be fee of the lows cash costs by the new Financial Magic Trick so well explained here!


Just get the us own!


We build the Capitalist System Empire not for be against us!


The marvel hi rice lucky future is to get at soon tomorrow!


The world is not sufficient!


Universalization come to us!


Just rice with us bet with that new one Lucky Financial Magic Trick Process of the Long Term TIP Credit Offer to as repayment cancellation become at Short & Middle Terms with the convenient Long Term Rate of the quotes fixing repayments, to the Debt Keeper advanced quotes payments fee by the Debt Capital Quiet to Short and Middle Term offer in 30 days Libor, Two years Note and Ten Years Note respectively with the add of the Short and Middle rates discount of the T30 Long Term Credit Offer to as cancellations of shares repayments, in the Profit Taking costs Financial Magic Trick by the market system to the right side invest lucky speculation process of the as Long Term Credit Offer to our bets smart business cash availability costs discounts, to the lows pri- ces to pay for the New World Order go to the Justice not do us have more money and time loses like the winners with a so cleaver world financial intelligence team, was I have the privilege of belong since 16 years a go with the all service to the charm wise style first selected hi class elite excellence world establishment was do the good things happened put the world market in motion, over the peace & rice to everyone protection to us business power growth feed back, work so well.