30/04/2010 23:09




Dear ladies and gentlemen’s.

I’m so glad to contact you for show my economic platform was give Microcredit offer to poor people little business with the government work capacitation to Cooperativism Multiholding of little and middle companies IPO in the Borse, over privilege low rate credit offer of Productive Interest Fare associate credit of speed quotes repay option, all fee by Long Open Bond with oil reserves stock pile out of the gasoline market warrantee Bond Securitization , give a long term & commodities both yields gain in one to the OFFFSHORE and Banking Sector Operators with the Central Bank insurance, to the Central Bank money printing credit offer support and for back up currencies evaluate it, over Long Open Securitized Bond wage increase subsidies to overcome, joint at credit, the adquisitive power social standard quality of life rice , lift farm subsidies on U.S.& EU simplification negotiate manufactures market pos. , adopt the anti-dumping tax back system was work put tax to get even price at the local commoditie market same value to the dumping product procedence and local receiver 50/50 taxation was can be use also to soften the Commercial Deficit share tax quotes exemptions to position advantages balance. Also lift trade barriers with the IMPO & EXPO special currency trade exchange fixing values accord, implement the five Continents Free Trade Accords Blocs, on food commodities overproduction out of the market (was throw it) production cost invest to feed hungry people in the world, give Justice, Health and Education to the 3.000m. of people was live with less of two dollars per day be the half of the world Double Market Creation by all special economic program wrote here with the IMF & World Bank low rate credit offer to finish the hungry and activate The World Double Market help Africa, South East Asia and Latin America.

Finish the world economic crisis also give a special low rate swap public debt emission credit offer to the Banking Sector by the IMF & World Bank and Central Banks financial engineering, not avoid Offshore Banking tax exempt invest due the money already did pay tax for has been made it, have the right of not do tax invest to protect us capital of the government taxation excess, with the Offshore tax haven Banking secrecy of us worth privacy right rules to be maintained . Invest in the future Earth Planet same land and atmosphere new planet discovery in the space conquer infinite business power rice UNIVERSALIZATION WAY PATH, all by The Four Way of Economy Socialism & Capitalism Blend with Marketing & Management Tao over State-Private Strategy Systemic Thinking Think Tank by me, like the apport at the humanity social econo- mical cultural evolution in peace and development rice to every one, how my honor duty of the Ultimate Universalization Geopolitic Economic Crisis Answer Response demands hint.