U.S. Labor Reform Company Shares Workers Wage System and Firms Employment Tax Deduction.

26/12/2012 22:45



The USA Labor Reform Proposition Start with the Implementation of Join Little & Middle Enterprises Banks Cooperatives Holdings IPO’s Organization, over NYSE Bourse Stock Exchange and U.S. Gov. New State & Private Enterprises Cooperatives Privilege –Tip Low Rates-Credit Acquisition Offer--, Employment Creation Set Financial Group Holdings Shares Operations. Over Employees –Company Shares Corporate Wage System-. With U.S. -Basic Products Prices Inflation Index-  (BPPII) = Inflation Prices Percent Auments Systemic Index of Wages Acquisitive Power Protection of Employees under Temporary or Effective Work Contract, how the Work  Remuneration Index Patron on more Company Employer Tax Deduction Barter in –Corp. Shares Wage, over BPPII Equation + Bonuses After Hour Time Work, part of the Systemic Interactive Personal Effort Company Profits Share Effect, since the Employee Rank Position Wage Quantity of Remuneration in Company’s Shares Cash Trade. Shift of the Personnel Initiatives, Effort, Performance and Productivity of the Company Financial Growth Remunerations System, how Little-Middle Enterprises NYSE Stock Exchange Banks Cooperatives Holdings Financial Operations, from The Fourth Way of Economy Concept of Socialism & Capitalism Blend Marketing Management of Employers Revenue & Bargain Growth, with Workers Acquisitive Power Social Standard Rice Right Accomplishments Link Projection. By the Democrat Party Sense Team, what I’m very proud of belong, over USA Right Gov. Social Economic Grow Developments Work