USA Deficit and Debt Drains by FED State & Private Financial Strategy to put U$D 18 Trillion the Debt Growth Freeze Ceiling avoid Government Shutdown and Debt Default.

09/10/2013 23:30


The USA Public & Private Debts need the able discount drains repayment facilities financial managements by the IMF & BIS with Asset Management Firms, World Banks, Offshore Financial Services and Bourses Stock Exchange Private & State Financial Strategy. To do the FED Gold Reserves with World Private Gold Holders Bet on Global 300 Top Rank Goods & Services Enterprises Shares Select the 100 Profits Winners Set Index Bets Only by that Companies Futures Market Choice join the Short-Middle-Long  Superpositioned Terms Bonds Hedge Funds Liability Derivative Options Forward Futures Put Call Writer Warrant, State & Private Profits Support Money Print over Securitization Debt Swap World Market High Sure Safe Bargain Investment Offer.

Over the FED and Asset Management Institutions Nominal/Real Set Rates of Goods & Services Shares Short-Middle-Long Superposition Yield  Term Bond Hi Performance sure safe Bargain to the USA Debt Market Hedge Funds Debt Swap on the Global Bourses Stock Exchange, being the Nominal Rate how the FED Profits Money Print Support Public Debt Swap Discount Drains and the Real Rate how the Private Gold Holders, World Banks and Offshore Financial Services High Hedge Yields and Spreads Private Debt Swap Great Business, over the FED & Stock Exchange New Private & State Financial Product.

Being The FED New Capitals Reserves and Set Superposition Bet of Short-Middle-Long Terms One Hi Multi Yield Profits Special Wedge Bond Hedge Fund, State & Private Financial Investment Partnership of the FED Sovereign Wealthy Funds World Top Goods & Services Companies Initial Shares Futures and -Multi Yield Wedge Terms Corporate  Bond-Hedge Funds  Enterprises Double Value Emission Credit Acquisition and Double Bargain -International Markets Positioning- Projection, by Equity Derivatives Hedge Funds Debt Swap Liquidity Capitalization. Include into FED Drains Debt and Budget Deficits from State & Private Hi Business Financial Partnership Cash Support to the Quantitative Easing Deficits End, Currency Evaluation and Acquisitive Power Quality of Life Social Economic Standard Consume and Tax Collection GDP Rice Projection, since Deflation Inflation Balance Systemic Interest Rate Value Control.

The American  Economy Growth Boost need the Financial Strategy of Currency Evaluation by the FED Soft Rates TIP Credit Offer to Banking Sector for Goods & Services Companies Cash Invest Demand Market Little Overflow Covering Controlled Deflation over Inflation Avoidance by Low Interest Rate and Money Printing Quantitative Easing Systemic Balance, get Prices Low Aument the Acquisitive Power Money Value over Import Commercial Trade as Purchase Price Parity Rice and Export Subsidies Trade Soft TIP Credit Offer. Give Positive Commercial Trade Balance by our Products Competitive Prices High Volume Sales and Strong Purchase Power. What will overcome the Market Consume, GDP Tax Collection, Employ and Financial Social Standard Growth over Debt-Deficit Ease by GDP Revenue New Profits Gold Reserves Growth Supported Money Printing. Use Currency Exchange Rates Peg Convertibility Funding Average Option Auto Quote Quantos Pair Swap Financial Resources Management. With Currency Evaluation Result by the Market Controlled Deflation, improve the Society Acquisitive Power Quality of Life Consume and Tax Collection Growth for Debt-Deficit Drains over Hard Currency Convert Evaluation by all Smart Financial Resources Systemic Thinking Strategy.

And to overcome the U.S. Dollar & Debt Market Discount Financial Business Support, I propose the creation of USA Establishment Assets Management Firms, Banks & Offshore Investors and Good-Services   Companies Private Parallel FED Corporations Holding. On short-middle-long terms Securitization Insurance Derivatives, Oil and Gold linked share yields Bonds Private Emission, to U.S. Dollar Futures Basquet and Private & State Companies Double Value Debt Market Discount Business Support. Organize the USA Banks and Bahamas Offshore Financial Services with the Establishment Companies Corporations all join together first partnership Holding, like the Top Private set Business Parallel Federal Reserve over Private & State Financial Strategy to support the U.S. Dollar & Debt Market –Corporate Administration-, do high business help at Government to cut the Federal Budget Deficits share the Financial Right Balance Work, by the USA Private Parallel FED Holding with The Fourth Way of Economy Marketing & Management Think Tank Financial Answers Response Hint Pace.

Once again has accomplish  My Honor Owe Duty Pro Service to USA, like the Democrat Global Intelligence Operator of the U.S. President Bill Clinton. I’m hope the U.S. Gov. put at Work as soon as possible over Same Patriot Republican & Democrat Right Consensus, give a hi respect regards to all of you.

Best, ONE..