World Imminent Economic Collapse 2014 Avoidance by Global Financial Reform and Advance Marketing & Management Sense.

18/06/2014 23:15

The World Imminent Economic Collapse 2014 by the U.S. Dollar End, Interest Rate Hike, Credit Offer Lack, USA & EU Debts Default and Derivatives Market USA & EU U$D 1.4 Quadrillion Bubble Burst Finish Broad Ugly Hypothesis. Can be Avoid from the International Financial System Reform to adopt the Bretton Woods II: BIS & Central Banks Gold & Energy Open Reserves Stock Increase by Tax Collection Futures Financial System of Short-Middle-Long Terms Securitization Bonds Debt Swap Market Offer Discount Acquisitions of Central Banks Cash Credit Terms Buying of New Gold & Energy Open Reserves Add, how Coins, Quantitative Easing Deficit Ease and Low Interest Rates Banks TIP Credit Offer Warranty Support. Include the China Yuan World Currencies Peggin like Global Single Coin over Local Currencies Double Circulation Exchange and the Yuan how World Trade Unit with Anti-Inflationary Patron Index Work over Local Currency Import & Export Fares Values Coin Fixing. Add the 4th Way of Economy Offshore Banking Financial Business Marketing & Management Strategic Alliance with Central Banks.